25 years ago, in the year 1983, a retail medical outlet in the name of Paras Medical Stores in Subhash Bridge area was established. This was a small beginning of seeing big dreams. In 1998, another branch of Paras Medical Stores started at Sola Road, Naranpura area. Having all the experience needed to build a big empire, we decided to enter in pharma distribution market. On 22nd of October,1999 a history created in pharmaceutical distribution market. It was the first incidence in the market that a stockiest entered in the market with stockistship of a major pharmaceutical company like Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. On the inaugural day itself.

The journey of Paras Distributors started with stockistship of single company and area of about 250 sq. ft., which is now 6,000 sq. ft. area and having stockistship of about 123 companies including different divisions of the companies. But, this was a beginning only, the growth story of “Paras Distributors” is going on and on with time even today.

29th of November, 2002 our new venture, Gayatri Pharma Distributors was established in Gandhinagar. This was established in order to enhance the business prospects in Gandhinagar District and surrounding areas of Ahmedabad city.

Even this was not enough. 1st of April, 2008, a new dimension was added to growth of Paras Distributors. “Paras House”, our new Head Office, was established having an area of about 4,000 sq. ft. in Ellis Bridge area, which the heart of the city.

All the branches of Paras Distributors are centrally air conditioned, fully computerized and equipped with hi-tech office automation. We have staff of 25 dedicated persons who work together with passion for GROWTH OF Paras Distributors.

We have one of the strongest distribution network in the pharmaceutical market. With a team of skilled and dedicated salesmen, deliverymen and with our own loading delivery vehicles, we provide the fastest distribution network with regular booking and prompt delivery to the clients.

In near future, all our salesmen will be equipped with laptops to make our distribution network even faster. Enjoying good relationship with pharmaceutical companies, and clients like retailers, all major hospitals, prominent doctors, etc, has been strength of Paras Distributors.

In order to strengthen this relationship, we have launched a Speciallity Health Services Department at our H.O. This is new concept which has been launched for the first time in market by Paras Distributors. With this new concept, Paras Distributors is now at the door-step of the patients. We provide spciallity health services to the patients. We have skilled and trained staff who provide information and guidance about medicines, bio-medical molecules, temperature maintenance, diet habits, diet schedule etc. We also provide patient counseling. This will ensure best results of medicines. Also, we keep computerised record of patients which helps us to look after the patients. We keep ourselves updated in pharmaceutical knowledge to enable us to keep the patients healthy.

GROWTH is not the goal, but PASSION pf Paras Distributors and with this passion we are going to launch our new branches at satellite and maninagar areas.


Paras Pharmacy was established in 1983 in Subhash Bridge area. Since last 25 years, we are having one of the largest retail outlet of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and surgical products. We have availability of complete range of medicines, cosmetics, surgical goods, Disposables, all life saving drugs, Oxygen Cylinders, Anti-cancer drugs, Ayurvedic Medicines, personal and baby care products, all other health products etc.

We have centrally air conditioned retail outlet with qualified pharmacist and skilled staff to help the patients. We have fully computerised billing system as well as computerised drug database to provide complete product information to the patients. We also keep the computerised medical history of our clients to enable us to provide proper information and guidance. We provide free delivery of medicines to door-step of the patient. We had a facility of day-night chemist for 10 years. Also We supply medicines to government institutions like RBI, ESIS, NABARD etc. ISO 9001.